The Saul Steinberg Foundation

The Saul Steinberg Foundation is a nonprofit US organization established by the artist in his will. Its mission is to facilitate the study and appreciation of Saul Steinberg's contribution to 20th-century art and art history through the development of databases, archives, exhibitions, publications and its website,
The Foundation's website is the most comprehensive and definitive source of information about Steinberg's life and art and serves as a resource for the international curatorial-scholarly community as well as the general public.
A core objective of The Saul Steinberg Foundation is the donation of works by Steinberg from the Foundation's holding to public collections in the US and abroad.
As demonstrated in this exhibition and catalogue, these gifts become the impetus for further research, exhibitions, publications, and the appreciation of Steinberg's extraordinary creativity.
The staff and the board of The Saul Steinberg Foundation are deeply grateful to James M. Bradburne, Francesca Pellicciari, Marzia Pontone, Allegra Baggio Corradi, Giuseppina Bani, Elisabetta Bianchi and Ilaria Bollati for their commitment to this exhibition and its accompanying publication. That there is now an extensive collection of Steinberg's art in a public institution in Milan, a city rooted in the artist's life and mind, is very gratifying.

Patterson Sims - Managing Director
Sheila Schwartz - Research & Archives Director

Board of Directors: James Abruzzo, Prudence Crowther - President, Ian Frazier - Vice President, John B. Koegel - Secretary and Treasurer